Laboratoire d'Economie Expérimentale de Montpellier

Université de Montpellier - CNRS - INRA - SupAgro

Experimental economics in Montpellier

Researchers, faculty and doctoral students in economics study individual and group behaviour in various economic environments. They are involved in national and international research projects.

The research team relies strongly on laboratory experimentation to carry out those projetcs. For running experiments we need volunteers which are paid for their participation in experimental sessions. The payment rules differ according to the type of experiment. However, on average participants earn between 5 and 25 Euros for a typical session (about 1:30 mn duration).

No knowledge in economics is required to participate in our experiments. Everybody can apply to become a participant.

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Vue partielle du LEEM
Vue partielle de la salle d'expérimentation du LEEM